The sensational and charistmatic hip hop group that hails from South Louisiana and was also known as TRAGIKK, has progressively began to make an impact on the underground and mainstream rap scenes. Blood brothers, Dub Sac and O-Deezy, of whom some of their fans consider to be legends in their own rights, continue to produce quality material and hit songs. Due to their work ethics and determination throughout the years too succeed in the entertainment industry, the pair has gained fans from different walks of life throughout the southern region and abroad.

The brothers credit their broadened content of music to growing at an early age in three different locations of "The Boot," like Vacherie, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge, as some of their main reasons for being able to relate to various cultures and lingos. O-Deezy stated "Our people wanted to expose us to how differently other people spoke, thought, and reacted to situations outside of the box that we lived in, therefore we obtained the best education and street knowledge, that we could receive in order to flourish in life once we became adults."

Although both artists participated very heavily in all sports since "Pee-Wee League" and "Pop Warner," music has always been an intricate part of their lives, having gained exposure to various talent shows, fine arts programs, and musicals. As kids the duo also played several concert instruments, including the piano as well. "Dub Sac says "Participating in sports at an early age, taught me how to work hard, be confident, and gave me a love for competition."

3 FAH 10, have collaborated with an array of artists over the years such as Bj Carter, Queen Jawanza, KeyLow G, KayJayo, Troy "T-Wo" Chapman, Wingfella Hawk, Beef Baby, D-Boy, Snook Laurent, and Jordy Dumas. They've also worked with underground legends C-Loc, Max Minelli, and Calicoe The Champ a/k/a January Walker.

O-Deezy and Dub Sac, also have worked with various producers: Trakman 84, MixByRich, Beef Productions, Bj Carter Muzik, Wodie On The Beat, Dale Cazenave, Big Dawg C-Loc, and Multi-Platinum producer KLC (formerly of Beats By The Pound).

For concert bookings, inquiries, and/or interviews, 3 FAH 10 can be reached by email at

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